Experience as a Prosecutor and a Defense Attorney

Carmen Rivera-Worley has years of experience as an attorney both for the prosecution and for the defense. Here is a list of positions held as an attorney. Private Practice, criminal defense, 1984-1988 Assistant County Attorney, Val Verde County prosecution, 1985-1987 Val Verde County Attorney, prosecution, 1987-1992 Assistant District Attorney, Civil Division, Denton County with limited … [Read more...]

A Balanced and Unbiased Perspective

Years of service in many facets of the legal profession: as judge, as both a defense attorney and a prosecutor, in elected positions and in private practice. All this brings to the table a balanced and unbiased perspective. Carmen Rivera-Worley has served as County Attorney in her home town of Del Rio in Val Verde County, Texas.  She served as Assistant District Attorney in Denton County and as … [Read more...]

Mediator at Cooke County Mediation Services

Retired Judge Carmen Rivera-Worley associates with Cooke County Mediation Services Cooke County Mediation Services, LLC is proud to announce former 16th District Judge Carmen Rivera-Worley has become associated with the firm!   Judge Rivera-Worley's experience in dealing with a range or legal matters and her ability to facilitate communication makes her uniquely qualified to mediate your … [Read more...]

Merits, Education and Service

Carmen Rivera-Worley has a history that demonstrates her initiative and capability in setting goals and achieving them. Her extensive history of service reflects constancy, determination, an ability to think creatively, and a willingness to contribute. Education Jurisprudence Doctorate, University of Texas School of Law, 1982 Master’s Degree, Texas Tech University, 1978 Bachelor’s Degree, … [Read more...]

Experience as a Judge in the 16th District Court

Carmen Rivera-Worley has 10 years of judicial experience serving in the 16th District Court in the main courthouse in Denton County. Elected Judge of the 16th Judicial District Court of Denton County in  2004 and 2008 Appointed Judge of the 16th Judicial District Court of Denton County, June 4th, 2003 As Judge of the 16th Judicial Court, Carmen Rivera-Worley has presided over and disposed … [Read more...]