A Balanced and Unbiased Perspective

Years of service in many facets of the legal profession: as judge, as both a defense attorney and a prosecutor, in elected positions and in private practice. All this brings to the table a balanced and unbiased perspective.

Carmen Rivera-Worley has served as County Attorney in her home town of Del Rio in Val Verde County, Texas.  She served as Assistant District Attorney in Denton County and as Judge in the 16th Judicial Court. She also  has years of experience in private practice. Carmen Rivera-Worley brings with her experience in criminal and in civil courts as a defense attorney, as a prosecutor, and as a judge; a perspective from both sides of the table, both sides of the bench.

Carmen Rivera-Worley is a good listener. She is realistic. She reads people, considers the concerns of both sides, offers suggestions towards peaceful resolutions. She is much more than a message carrier between parties; she tells parties what they need to hear. She is hard working, patient, optimistic, creative, effective, fair, and honest.